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Before you click that back button read this: in the event that organized religion, the topic of God, or a discussion about Jesus Christ is uninteresting to you consider for a moment the type of life you are seeking to live. Everyone wants to be the best. No one intentionally settles. We compromise along the journey thinking whatever we accept is the greatest we can manage. (Notice the focus on ourselves instead of God.) The mission of this blog is not to get you to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior or profess Christianity. It is ok if you don’t like Christians. Personally, I don’t like all professing Christians. This site is intended to help everyone who visits to find and live the most incredible, purposeful, satisfying and beneficial life. We encourage you to not waste one second given to impact the world. The concepts, ideas, testimonies and Scripture shared are intended to further that objective. Thank you for visiting and reading the home page. I pray that you are blessed and encourage you to check out the rest of For His Glory!