Standing in the afternoon sun looking towards the uphill climb in front of me I was amazed at the beauty and heights of the mountains. Watching the locals leap up the trail with ease seemed to remind me that we can acclimate to any situation God skillfully places us within. I remember thanking God as I walked and took in the spectacular views. I had no idea a place like this existed, being a Midwestern girl by birth. How did I get here one might ask? This was not just a beautiful vacation spot. Or a recreational visit. I had uprooted my life. Everything and everyone is new to me.

What would motivate this girl to move across the country and start a ministry in an unfamiliar environment. The simple answer is God. As a practicing Christian one of the first lessons God teaches is love. This is because God is love. Without God we cannot understand that love is not a feeling or turn on. Love is not about how I feel or what I would prefer to do. Love is a choice. A choice we all have to intentionally make. Love is a commitment we give to one another. Love compels each of us to actively serve those in our immediate vicinity making no distinction based on our relationship to them or our impression of them. God knows exactly what he is doing. If the person is in our life there is a purpose for them and our association. We are to press into them and love them.

In order to understand loving others as a chosen repetitive action. Let us define Love as God does. Love is desiring the best of and for the other person with no concern for ourselves and/or our desires. Sounds wonderful right? Especially when we think of all that such a definition means for us. The trouble comes when we apply the same meaning to how we are to treat and engage others. We all yearn for the same. We want God’s best in our lives. Yet when the moment comes for us to give God’s best to someone else that’s the stumbling point. This ministry was birthed out of my stumbling block. God worked in my life transforming my heart’s longings. I went from being such selfish creature to a woman whose passion is flamed in service to God through serving those He placed in my life. Utah was not on my agenda. The people here were not weighing heavy on my heart. But Utah is God’s agenda and its people are ever before his face. (See Isaiah 49:16). God is intimately concerned with each of us. For His Glory is just one of many places for that concern to manifest.

Be encouraged by the words of John 13:35 “By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” Let us go out and practice this. That is the challenge for this week. I know I will. Pray for me and I pray for each of you. God bless!

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