Happy Valentine’s Day. This poem was written by a contributing writer for this site. My beloved Mother. She has always been such a blessing to me. May this beautiful sentiment remind each of us how loved we are by our Lord and Savior.

I watched you grow from infancy.
You touched My heart so tenderly.
But you were far too young to know
the depth of love that I could show.
My love letters you never read.
You chose things of this world instead.
I whisper your name repeatedly.
But still you won’t respond to Me.
You grew to an adult at last.
I hoped for childishness to pass.
You mastered career, earned your wage,
but ignored Me in every stage.
My love for you  will never fail
Through trials of life it will prevail.
It cannot be bought, earned, or lost,
equaled, excelled, fathomed the cost.
I offer forgiveness, the Way.
Please hear, accept, confess, obey.
There’s no divorce, no death or fears,
just heavenly bliss past life’s years.
I want to bring you home with Me,
meet My Father and family.
I ask you now to walk with Me,
be My beloved eternally.
Read and re-read if you must to let the longing and presence of Jesus Christ sink deep into your consciousness. You are beloved so dearly. Jesus patiently waits for you to turn to him. There is no love we can experience or feel like the indescribable love God has for you and I.

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