Yesterday morning I woke up to my phone: I thought it was my alarm until I read the notification. This lovely poem emailed from my Mom. It was such a sweet start to my Sunday. Praise God. He shows up, encouraging and uplifting in His perfect timing.

For My Grandchildren:

God is gathering an army like David’s mighty men.
The roster grows daily because He promises to win.
God’s general is Jesus and His battle plan can’t lose.
Which army will you fight with, everyone of us must choose.
The enemy is mustering for the fight yet to come.
Satan wants to rule the earth and the eternal kingdom.
There is no neutrality, you choose your eternal fate.
Confess your sin, repent, accept Jesus before too late.
We fight skirmishes daily, it is all part of God’s plan.
God reveals the nature of Himself and Satan to man.
The final battle is coming though we don’t know just when.
Keep recruiting soldiers to follow Jesus until then.
May this short reminder that our daily choices have eternal repercussions it bless you as it did my day and week. What we teach our children, grandchildren, family and friends is our legacy. Have you considered the legacy you desire to leave behind?

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