The mission of this blog is to assist all people in applying Biblical truths to every facet of their lives. Our aim is to assist through guidance. Beth Moore is attributed with answering when asked why she became a speaker & Biblical teacher that she was so filled up with Biblical knowledge that she had to let it out or she felt like she was going explode. That is the closest answer I can give as to why a public blog instead of a private diary. God blessed me with a Biblical education. I am spiritually full. This blog is my outlet. It is a forum to share. I am excited to have such an opportunity. I pray you all will take this journey with me.


The topics that will be covered in this blog are all of them. We all have questions surrounding Scripture, the nature of God, what being a Christian entails, how should we behave while claiming to be a Christian, why are some Christians hurtful, I had a bad experience with God and his people therefore I do not support or like organized religions, why is that? There is no subject taboo. Anything that any of you would like to discuss will be. If there is anything anyone has a specific question about email me. Use the contact us page. I would be more than happy to address it in a future post and tag you.


My prayer and desire is to connect with everyone who becomes aware of the existence of this site. God loves each of us with such a pursuing, unending, all encompassing love. His desire is for each of us to connect within our community. I would like us all to become the best version of ourselves possible through every avenue available, this site being one among many. Say Hi when you visit the site. Leave comments. Connect with me directly through the contact us page. Connect with others while on the site. Respond to one another’s comments and likes. It would be a blessing to meet and connect with you.


Should this blog be successful in the next year…I would like to see a vibrant community connected to one another, growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. For His Glory Ministries would be a well-known ministry serving everyone God allowed us to come in contact with. Most important that God would be glorified through the efforts in this blog and by those who support and work with it. The expanse of this site, the community that will be built, the ministry opportunities would all focus on serving one another.


Thank you for visiting the site. I appreciate your time.

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