How do we define relationships? Does the Bible have anything to say about relationships and their role in our lives? Over the next four blogs I would like to tackle these questions from a Biblical worldview.

According to Dr. David A. DeWitt “a relationship is a connection which results in our belonging together in some unique recognizable way. A relationship is a significant connection, which results in mutual identification. Therefore, IF WE HAVE A RELATIONSHIP, WE HAVE SOME VESTED INTEREST IN EACH OTHER.”

We were created for connection. Genesis 1:26 God creates man in His image. (We were created in the trinity’s image). God wanted meaningful interactions with mankind. He taught us how to communicate through speaking. We humans have more of the attributes of God than the rest of creation. God came to walk in the garden with Adam and Eve to be with them and they with God. In the same way we still desire companionship with God today. There is a longing in our lives that no one else can ever satisfy but the one who created you, God.

Our lives are fulfilled when we live in relation to one another. John 17:1-3 & 17 explain how perfect unity amongst us should work by the example of the unity that God the Father, Jesus Christ and believers share. Verse seventeen reiterates how believers are sanctified through truth. (God’s word is the truth). Genuine relationships are based on knowledge of one another in all circumstances and situations. Romance by contrast requires very little knowledge. It only requires a feeling we ourselves create.

Your every connection with another person is a result of God and His plan. The best any of us can do for our relationships is to pray and wait on the Lord. God will always answer our prayers with either a wait (meaning not yet), no (will include a clear reason why that person is unfit; not compatible) or a yes (this does not guarantee that the relating will be easy or perfect when together but you will be perfectly compatible.) You will challenge one another in all the right areas without leading one another away from Christ.

The challenge is to NOT base our relationships on feelings. They are misleading. Choose to give of yourself out of a commitment to God and then the other person. Be willing to accept God’s standards and choice for you. Commit and do not back out, rationalize, reason or choose to leave. You gave your word, heart, time, talent and attention.

Relating Biblically to others takes work. A concentrated effort on our part to submit to the authority of God in having said person in our lives and the love of Christ in showing more grace, mercy and love towards the person in spite of how we feel or what we desire. God created us to have relationships. That is why we think about them. That is why we desire them as we do. Relationships are a Biblical connection provided to us by God. Paul instructed the Philippians in 4:4 “Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice.” That is what a Biblically based relationship will bring into you life. Rejoicing in the investing with another and God.

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