In Genesis 3:8 God walked in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve. They saw God face to face because they had not sinned yet. When Jesus walked the earth, He was born as an infant and had to grow into an adult just as we all do. The angel Gabriel told Jesus’ mother Mary, Mary would give birth to the Son of God by the power of God. (Luke 1:35.) In Hebrews 1:3 we are told that the Son is the exact representation of God, possessing God’s glory and sustaining all of creation by His word. Jesus came down from Heaven to do the will of God. (John 3:38.) Many people knew Jesus personally.  Jesus’ 12 Disciples professed Jesus as the Son of God after Jesus defied the forces of nature by walking on water. Matthew 14:33 John the Baptist declared Jesus the Son of God when John baptized Jesus. (John 1:34.) Demons, who are fallen angels once with God in heaven, recognized Jesus as the Son of God. (Luke 4:41.) God Himself declared Jesus as His Son at the Transfiguration of Jesus. Jesus took Peter, James, and John up a high mountain where the glory of the Lord was revealed as Jesus spoke with Elijah and Moses. Then the voice of God said, “This is My Son…” (Luke 9:28-31 & 35.) Why should we care if Jesus is the Son of God?

Jesus Himself said He was the Son of God. (John 10:36.) As Jesus died on the cross, there was darkness and an earthquake. (Matthew 27:45, 50-52.) The centurion and guards who were assigned to crucify Jesus were frightened. The centurion professed the only explanation was Jesus was the Son of God. (Matthew 27:54.) John 3:36 promises whoever believes Jesus is the Son of God has eternal life. It’s not just in the future, but NOW. But John also warns whoever doesn’t accept Jesus, won’t have their sins forgiven so they will suffer God’s wrath instead of blessing.  Jesus asked the disciples who they thought Jesus is. Peter answered Jesus is the Son of the living God. (Matthew 16:15 & 16.) The Disciples, John the Baptist, Jesus, and countless believers all died rather than deny the truth of who Jesus is. The most important question we will ever answer is who we think Jesus is.  Our answer has consequences in this life and determines our eternal destination. Consider all the evidence carefully. Ask God to reveal His truth to you.

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