To completely comprehend our interactions with other people we must accept God at his word that there is purpose in every relationship that we participate in. (Romans 8:28-30.) Pay attention to verse twenty-eight specifically, all means all! That includes relationships. Here is the crux, the point that hinders us. Love. We were created to give and crave love. We were made to love God first then our spouse. Do not skip over the important life altering point that GOD always should come first. We want to be fully known by one other person while here on earth, our hearts long for that intimacy. It is no mistake that deep within each of us we desire it. God intended our most intimate relationships, to himself and our partner to be the most fulfilling and complete of our living experience.


We have established God created us to relate to Him first. (See blog one from this series.) Let us turn to the creation of mankind. After creating Adam God noticed that is was not good for him to be alone so God created Eve out of Adam. (Gen. 2:18.) The two points to take note of from this Scripture are as follows. One, that God knew that Adam could not reach his full potential in God without the helper best suited for him…Eve. (Gen. 2:19 & 20.) Second, that Adam and Eve were created differently. Adam (as well as the rest of creation; every beast of the field, flying through the air and filling the sea) was fashioned out of the dust (earth) by God’s own hand. By contrast Eve was fashioned out of Adam physically, one of his ribs, by the very hand of God after He and Adam had spent time together in the garden. The intensity and type of relating that Adam and Eve experienced (the oneness; Genesis 2:24.) is the pinnacle of the design that God intends for each of us to experience in our marriage relationship. The man and woman should be able to be transparent with one another without shame. (Genesis 2:25.) They relate to each other on every level humanly possible. This includes but is not limited to mental, spiritual and physical. Notice that the physical part comes last in the list. That is by design as well. We can find someone we are physically attracted to but not mentally or spiritually. (Or any combination of two without the third.) They are not for us in that case. One last point about the beginning, man and woman were created specifically for each other. God did not begin with a household unit. It all began with one man and one woman. The most intimate, fulfilling, life long companionship we will ever experience outside of our relating to God is in a couple-ship/marriage relationship.


A discussion on couples/marriage has to include Paul’s writings found in 1 Corinthians 7:1-7. Paul acknowledges in verse seven specifically that God gifts each of us for our calling in whether or not to marry. Marriage is good but single-hood is not secondary to marriage. Some of us are gifted to marry some to be single. If you are amongst that group you are aware of the distinction for your life. It is not a matter of circumstances rather of choice in our service to God. Singles can serve the Lord without the hindrances of married and family responsibilities. In the event any of you are called to be single God provides companionship of a different sort but fulfilling in a different way for the ministry life. Elijah had Elisha (Old Testament Prophets.), Paul had Barnabas, John Mark, Timothy and etc. (New Testament Apostle.), and Jesus had the twelve apostles (the Son of God and the twelve he called). These are just a few examples to help illuminate the point. We were made for relating to one another. Even if we do not participate in a marital covenant we are still given meaningful friends/companions to share our lives among.


In the end we are granted to privilege to share our lives. The level of intimacy we are to give to those in our lives is determined by the position they hold within it. Choosing a spouse is not so much an act of will as an act of obedience. When you truly believe that God is worthy of your trust. That God is concerned with every facet of your existence. That God wants only the best for you. Then waiting upon the Lord to deliver your intended spouse is not a hardship at all. It is a blessed time of personal growth and maturing. Being patient in our current relationships can only happen when we believe the same about God and his care for us. Even our difficult relationships teach us, mold us, equip us and allow us to show the characteristics of Christ to that person and anyone watching. Relationships are about more than our feelings about a person or situation. They are the physical manifestations of mercy in our world. They are the breeding ground for us to become fully devoted and delighted followers of Christ. (That came from my home Church South Mountain Christian Church.) That in the end is the goal. As Colossians 1:28 says “…so that we may present everyone perfect in Christ.” We disciple those we constantly interact with as Paul’s instruction to Timothy found in 2 Timothy 2:2 “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others.”


May this encourage you and bless you this week as we prepare to celebrate Easter. Take a moment to thank God for the relationships you have. Appreciate the people who occupy space in your heart and mind. Make sure they are aware of how grateful you are to know them.


Thank you for reading!


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