Why Should We Care if Jesus is the King of Kings?

Where is Jesus today and what is He doing? Jesus is at the right hand of God, the greatest place of honor. (Ephesians 1:20 & 21.) Jesus admitted to Pilate that He is a king, but His kingdom is from another place for now. (John 18:36 & 37.) Jesus’ kingdom continues through all generations. Jesus told His Disciples all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Him. (Matthew 28:18.) Jesus sustains everything by His word. (Hebrews 1:3.) God has authorized Jesus to judge the world. (John 5:22.) Jesus will sit on His throne on earth when He returns and all nations will be gathered in front of Him. Jesus will separate people to His right and left. Those on His right will inherit the eternal kingdom prepared by God. Those on His left will be sent into eternal punishment. (Matthew 25:31-34 & 46.) Those who don’t listen to Jesus will be completely separated from Jesus’ followers. (Acts 3:23.) But those who follow Jesus will receive a kingdom that will never end and they will never be expelled. (Daniel 7:18.) The Bible warns us in Psalms 146:3, we shouldn’t trust in human government because those who govern are mortal. They die and their government ends. Theses people cannot save us. A new heaven, earth and Jerusalem will descend from heaven. Jesus and God will live eternally with the saved who will serve God.  (Revelation 21:1-4, Revelation 22:5-7 & Rev 5:10.) Those who oppose Jesus will make war against Him, but He will defeat His enemies because He is King of Kings. Jesus’ faithful followers will be with Him. (Revelation 17:14.) Jesus will be King forever on the new earth. (Revelation 11:15.) Jesus waits in heaven until God restores all things as He has promised. (Acts 3:21.) Then Jesus will descend from heaven. (Acts 1:11.) No other king ever was or ever will be all powerful, all knowing, and just. Praise God for all He has promised us and be confident He is faithful!

The last post in our series asking the question why should we care. Thank you for reading! Have a blessed day!

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