Why Should We Care if Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life?

While Jesus lived on earth, He resurrected many from the dead. Jairus' daughter died. Jesus took her hand and told her to get up. Her spirit returned and she got up. (Luke 8:49, 50, 54, & 55.) In Nain, Jesus witnessed a young man carried in his coffin. Jesus touched the coffin and told the young man to get up…Read more Why Should We Care if Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life?

How about those NBA Finals…

To be honest I couldn’t write this until the NBA Finals had reached their conclusion. What I noticed during the interviews between games three and four was that much ado was made over the Warriors possible 16-0 post-season record. The discussion only highlighted their potential. Potential doesn’t mean anything if we don’t show up. We…Read more How about those NBA Finals…

A Child of God

Yet another poem from my Mom. She is feeling inspired lately during a recent trial. Any prayers warriors out there lift her before the Lord. The poem is mighty yet short. Hope you enjoy it. Find comfort in knowing that God is always there you. Most of all have a fantastic weekend. Happy Friday. XOXO,…Read more A Child of God

Relationships Part 4. Finally!!

As promised here we go! Romantic, intimate relationships, couplings whatever you want to call them. Everyone and I mean everyone (equipped by God to be) desires to be in the ideal couple. This is not a shock for any one who understands the Bible as God tells us we were created to be fully known…Read more Relationships Part 4. Finally!!

Relationships Part 3

Personally my love for God is sometimes clouded by my desires. I tell God in prayer, through my motives and the words I speak to others, the body type I should be, the lifestyle I want to live, the friends I desire to maintain and the relationship I want to be in. I know the…Read more Relationships Part 3

Why Should We Care if Jesus is the King of Kings?

Where is Jesus today and what is He doing? Jesus is at the right hand of God, the greatest place of honor. (Ephesians 1:20 & 21.) Jesus admitted to Pilate that He is a king, but His kingdom is from another place for now. (John 18:36 & 37.) Jesus' kingdom continues through all generations. Jesus told His Disciples all authority…Read more Why Should We Care if Jesus is the King of Kings?